Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Highly Useful Technology Resources

 +Technology and Curriculum
This blog discusses and shares information relevant  to both instructional design and my career in education. It provides valuable information for presentation and teaching that suits the experiences or practices of the instructor. Engaging students is a challenge all teachers meet regularly and this gives a plethora resources for this topic and others.
+Google Drive
With the utilization of the Google Drive Blog,  I can learn more about organizing and sharing anything needed for my profession business or schooling. Anyone can access and share files, including larger more difficult to share files anywhere. Google Drive is yet another tool built into google along with google + and google reader that allow myself and anyone else to find share and learn about useful information and resources

 The tagline for this page reads” Playing and sharing the world's stories and ideas.”  This sums up the usefulness of youtube . At anytime when I need to learn about  something I can almost always find a supplemental video for fixing teaching or using. I have found resources for anything from my computer to my car or home an even health.This blog will allow me to discover and discuss relevant videos with users.

Not $30 million but $50 million

Back again negotiating his value, the 14 year old kid wants $50 million.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

14-year-old turns down $30 million... for Rec MED First Aid Vending Machine startup

I had the chance to meet the young guy in the "vlog" below. He is an example for others his age and anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Simple solution for an overlooked problem. Hopefully, this will inspire or motivate you to make your dreams reality.  Don't let it discourage you. Don't degrade yourself by saying "I'm not doing anything with my life." Ask yourself, "what am I doing with my life?" . The answer  may very well be "nothing" or "not what I want to do". If you don't like the answer, start there and make the necessary changes to begin planning and building the future you desire.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Good Morning, Great Morning!!!

Are you experiencing some clouds in your life? Do you feel that all your sunny days have gone away? Don't worry. Don't fret because too many sunny days brings about drought. Cloudy days bring the rain. we need the rain to live and maintain. During painful or painless times water is needed to survive. As moisture builds in the atmosphere it evaporates into the clouds. Once the cloud gets so heavy, rain must pour down.

So, if you are going through a rough patch of tough times, stay ready because the rain is coming to pour down on the seeds planted and pour into thirsty spirit for refreshment. The rain is not a problem it is the blessing to help you grow, develop, thrive in order to stay alive. The rain is your favor pouring into your life so your garden can thrive and grow. God wants you to live abundantly thriving like a vibrant healthy garden.

Look at you then, and look at you now. Don't let this cold, cold world bring you down.  -Jadakiss

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Write On, Right On

Write On, Right On is finally here,despite all the obstacles and setbacks. I am deligthed and excited to have this moment. Now the real work begins marketing, promoting and sell the book. Below you will find information about the book as well as how to get your very own copy.

Write On, Right On is a book of poems written and compiled by Justin Ward. The poems in this text deal with social issues, personal experience, and life perception. The purpose of this work is to encourage others to learn to communicate effectively by helping create positive habits of reading, writing, and communicating effectively. Why poems? Well, poetry has been an interest of mine for most of my life, ever since I learned to read. I also enjoy music; the power of the message in music intrigues me. Public speakers such as teachers, preachers, and others have grabbed my attention many times because of the person’s ability to effectively communicate the point clearly and concisely. So, I have decided to combine education, communication, and entertainment in poetry to make people think and think differently. With so many mediums of communication, people often overlook the power reading, so I created small packages of powerful information crafted to make you laugh, cry, and learn. Ultimately, I want you to think and be more inspired about your existence. I hope you can find your purpose, and unleash your passions to produce the life envisioned for you. Hopefully, this book is a true page turner for you. May you find value between these pages because my intention is to lead, motivate, and educate others in order for us all to elevate to the level in life for which we aspire.

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Monday, September 14, 2015


Does you school have a chapter of "All Pro Dad"?
Have you ever heard of "All Pro Dad"?
You can learn more about this wonderful program at http://www.allprodad.com/ .
I have been participating in this program for four years now and it has given me guidance courage and clarity on being a dad and having special moments of quality time with my son and my daughter. Both by kids are highly excited to attend the All Pro Dad breakfast held at their schools. They eagerly ask and encourage me to attend the breakfast each time they are held at their schools. I am also excited to attend the breakfast with them. Friday September the 11th the breakfast was held at my daughter's school. The topic was being unique; I had to do the speaking portion. On this occasion the I asked dads to come up and say some positive about their child or children. I was filled with joy  the way the dads spoke about the children. Then I ask the children to say something they like or enjoy doing with his or dad. Several children, including mine, came up to speak. Each one spoke very well; I failed to mention that these are K-2 grades of children. One child in particular came up and had some stage fright. I was able to calm him down by placing my arm around him turning him to where he did not have to look at all the people looking at him. Then he was able to express how he enjoys fishing with his dad. Then he gave me one of the biggest hugs ever and would not let me go. He happily shared and was overjoyed that I helped him get through his stage fright episode. This was a very humbling, proud moment for me. I felt much joy at that moment and felt very proud to be an active father that takes moments to be involved with children. Moments like this matter; they mean the world to children and fathers. Be involved and stay involved in the lives of children they need true parents and role models.