Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Highly Useful Technology Resources

 +Technology and Curriculum
This blog discusses and shares information relevant  to both instructional design and my career in education. It provides valuable information for presentation and teaching that suits the experiences or practices of the instructor. Engaging students is a challenge all teachers meet regularly and this gives a plethora resources for this topic and others.
+Google Drive
With the utilization of the Google Drive Blog,  I can learn more about organizing and sharing anything needed for my profession business or schooling. Anyone can access and share files, including larger more difficult to share files anywhere. Google Drive is yet another tool built into google along with google + and google reader that allow myself and anyone else to find share and learn about useful information and resources

 The tagline for this page reads” Playing and sharing the world's stories and ideas.”  This sums up the usefulness of youtube . At anytime when I need to learn about  something I can almost always find a supplemental video for fixing teaching or using. I have found resources for anything from my computer to my car or home an even health.This blog will allow me to discover and discuss relevant videos with users.

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